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Race Timing  

Whether you are having a Saturday morning 5k, (our speciality!), an evening themed race, or an adventure race, we would love to time your event.  

We time our races with RFID Chip Timing with equipment from industry leader - Race Result.  

Quick Description of our race timing method:

- Each runner has a disposable RFID Chip on the back of each runner's bib. So no shoe tags to collect at the finish line!

- We can time races with a chip time start (as runners cross the start line) a gun time (every runners time starts when the gun sounds) or both!!

- During the race we present the results at results station with printed results and also a live scroll of the results on tablets.

Runners will be able to check their times within 10 minutes of crossing the finish line through printed and live results at the event. After the event runners can find their times on popular websites like Oklahoma Sports and Fitness, Athlinks, or

Race timing services include start/finish line setup (feather flags included - reasonable extra charge for an inflatable arch), race clock, course marking, sound system, results station, registration assistance, and more!!!

Pricing for race timing depends on the location, number of runners, length of race, and number of events. Please send us a message so we can get an accurate quote for you. We make every effort to price our race timing so your charity, ministry, or organization can benefit as much as possible from your fundraising efforts. So please let us know about your cause!!

Awards from I:40 Awards and Engraving

Medals - We offer customized medals for age group winners and trophies for overall winners through our sister company I:40 Awards & Engraving. Our customized medals are 2.5" medals with your event logo. Prices for awards vary on the number of age groups used for the event.  

Trophies - For the top 3 male and female finishers, we offer very reasonable priced trophies. Like the medals, they will be customized to fit your event.

Course Measurement & USATF Certification

Most competitive runners like the assurance that they are running on a course that is an exact distance, not just an estimate. The best way to give runners that assurance is to have your course certified through USATF, and we would love to help you with that process.

In addition to measuring and certifying we can walk you through the competitive, safety, and legal/governmental aspects you should consider in picking a route for your course. With this service we will assist in laying out your course and will provide a map with details and instructions on setting up the course. The map will be made available on USATF's website so you or other races can use the course for years to come! 

USATF certification last for 10 years so this is essentially a one time cost. Pricing depends on the distance of your course and where you are located, but like our race timing we strive to provide this service as cost efficiently as possible. If you would like a quote for this, please send a message on the contact form on the right side of this page.

We have measured and certified over 140 courses in Oklahoma. We may have already measured a course in your area that you can use, so we can help you look for other existing certified courses before we measure a new one. You can search for existing courses on USATF's Website.

Below is an archive of the courses that we have measured in eastern Oklahoma:

Links to Examples of Notable Courses Measured between 2012 to the Present:

The 5k at Tulsa Route 66 - Course name: Guthrie Green 5k # 5

Tulsa Run - Course name: Downtown Tulsa #3

Stilly Half - Half Marathon on OSU's Campus: Stilly Half

The Aquarium Run: 5k, 10k, and Half Marathon in Jenks

Race Planning & Promotion

If you choose I:40 Race Service to time your event, assistance with race planning, promotion, and online registration is included. Race directors with some experience probably won't need much help, but if this is your first time to plan a race or just need someone to bounce ideas off of, then we will do all we can to help make sure you have a successful event.  

We will help you promote, promote, promote your event because if you are not successful then we are certainly aren't either! Promotion on the I:40 Race Service App, Newsletter, and Website are included and we will also point you in the right direction for online, Facebook, and traditional promotional options.   

Please contact us for a quote for any of our services or for a list of references.  


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