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Why I:40 as Your Race Timer? 

If you choose I:40 as your race timing company we will work with you throughout the planning and promotion of your race to help you reach your goals for turn out and fundraising. On race day, we will handle everything involved with conducting the race and will make sure that every runner that finishes has an accurate time and great experience.  

We use RFID chip timing with live and printed results which we post and update every 10 minutes during the race. 

Our race timing service also includes race planning, promotion, marketing, and online registration. If your race isn't successful, then we aren't successful either, so we want to make sure that we can help wherever needed.  

About I:40 Race Service

I:40 Race Service was founded by Martin & Jessica Updike and is based out of Fort Gibson, OK. Our primary service is race timing, but we offer everything you need to put on a race including race planning, course measurement & certification, promotion, & awards.   

The name I:40 has a double meaning. The first is a reference to the passage in Isaiah 40 and the second is a reference to the interstate highway that runs through our primary service area in Oklahoma. Isaiah 40:21-31 is a great passage about the sovereignty of God and how He can empower us in spite of weaknesses. In athletics, or any part of life for that matter, there is always a temptation to quit or to throw up your hands in frustration. In running, especially with marathons, all runners face "the wall", which is the point where you want to do anything in the world but run. I've meditated on that passage to help get through "the wall" while running marathons and also during other challenging times in life. 

The purpose of the company is to promote running in Northeast Oklahoma and to help organizations raise funds for their charity, cause, or ministry. If you are a race organizer or are considering putting on a race, we would love to talk with you about what services we can offer. Please click here to send us a message or feel free to give us call.           

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