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Race Director's Information Page

Most people that want to put on a race know what all needs to happen the day oif the event. Register runners, pass out t-shirts and giveawys, starting the race, awards ceremony, etc. are all thing that most runners have an idea on how to handle. But when it comes to planning a race there several things to consider like when to start planning, how to best promote the race, what will our costs be, registration forms and waivers, insurance, city permits, etc. This race director's guide won't get you all the answers to those questions but it will at least get you thinking about what all needs to be done at each stage of the planning process. It's probably never to early to start planning a race, but this guide starts at 5 months out, which is more than enough time to get plan, promote, and put on a great race. Please contact us if you need advice or help with any of the steps in the planning process.

Here are some other good links for race directors: 

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