I:40 Race Service Mesh Backed Cap - This cap is light weight and breathable with a mid crown fit.  Great fit for men and women.  

Price: $18 + $4 shipping.     

I:40 Race Service Red Cap -This cap has a mid crown fit and velcro adjustable strap.   Great fit for men and women. 

Price: $12 + $4 shipping 

I:40 Race Service Blue Cap - This cap is an original issue.  Has a great fit with a adjustable strap. 

Price $10 + $4 Shipping

I:40 Race Service V-neck soft T - This shirt is a cotton and poly blend and has a soft feel

Price: $12 + $4 Shipping   


I:40 Race Service Solid Dark Gray Shirt - Hanes 100% Cotton shirt.

Price: $10 + $4 Shipping


I:40 Race Service Warm Up Jacket - SportTek Jacket is lightly weight but warm. 

Price: $30 + $4 Shipping